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所在区域: 北京市 » 朝阳区
公司名称: 酷聘人才
猎头职位: 资深顾问/顾问/助理顾问/研究员 » 顾问
招聘人数: 20
公司简介: Kupintalent酷聘人才在猎头行业里是一种很独特很真诚的存在,我们也在寻找同样独特的你(没有猎头经验也可以哦)。
公司地址: 北京
工作年限: 3-5年
学历要求: 本科
工资待遇: 5000-8000元
联系人: 李先生
联系电话: 您无权限查看!请实名认证后查看
Job Title: Recruitment Consultant
Report to : Manager / Director
Job description
Exciting sales/consultancy work with day to day opportunities to network with experienced and successful professionals on the market and help with better opportunities in their career. Position requires strong communication skills, industry knowledge, and curiosity to learn.
As the leading recruitment consultancy firm in China, In High-Tech market, Kupin Talent has been partnering with world leading companies to consult their recruitment strategy and deliver the tailored recruitment tools and methods.
We offer very competitive salary package comparing to competitors, to ones that great contribution to the business. This is not the only benefit for our employees. What we can offer besides financial benefit is a career with achievable promotion past to the people manager, and ownership of one or more business lines. This is a place where you can make a change on yourself and grow every day.
As the recruitment consultant, you will step into a corporate environment, working among people with energy and passion to achieve the result. From day one, a systematic and consistent training will be provided to consultant, managers and senior level managements, to equip everyone with the right tools, right methods to success in this fast moving business, providing the right attitude is brought to work. The major responsibility for consultant includes actively meeting the best talents in the market, pitch client with most suitable recruitment strategy and make sure the delivery of recruitment project within time line.

To apply: please  email your update resume to  


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